The Past

Samael grinned broadly, not making any attempt at hiding it, "You did say to take care of her". His brother glared at him, his blue eyes glinting under the lights before sighing heavily and turning to look out the windows as he rubbed his hand over his face. The silver-haired vampire lounged lazily in the chair, one of his legs hung over the armrest and his head resting precariously against the back of the chair with his eyes closed. He was still wearing his long, black coat and his black shirt and pants remained smoothly pressed inspite of his exhausted appearance and disheveled hair. "Rough night?", Samael teased while his eyes shone with concern for his younger brother, who only clicked his tongue and gave him a brief wave of his hand to indicate that he was fine. 

"The Mother Superior was possessed, I tried to save her.......", Ender's voice trailed off, without explaining further, with Samael, he knew he didn't have to. Samael watched him, not saying anything as he

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