We Had A Deal

Sébastien lay on his side, looking out the windows at the night sky as a faint breeze gently stirred the curtains and whispered softly through the room. Something had woken him, a feeling of deep foreboding gripped him and he knew that something had happened to his brother. He pushed himself up and sat on the edge of his bed, settling his legs on the floor as he ran a hand through his long, silken hair. He closed his eyes and cleared his mind, focusing his thoughts on Zeke until he could sense him through their shared blood bond. 

He drew in a sharp breath at the sudden feeling of pain that ebbed and flowed through his body, he was burning. Something was tight around his neck, burning through his skin and spreading like poison. He was struggling to breathe, his chest growing tighter and tighter with each labored breath. His wrists and ankles were bound with chains that bit at his flesh and burned him, the putrid stench of his own burning flesh filling him with nausea.&n


Please be warned that this chapter contains an attempted rape scene

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