When Charlotte awoke later that morning, she spent the day in the library, researching Amahl, the king of the night demons. The vampires had an impressive library filled with books relating to every topic about the occult and supernatural and she spent the rest of the day reading everything she could find about Amahl and the night demons. She was so engrossed in her research that she didn't realize that it was already evening until Harris came to inform her that dinner was being served in the dining room.

Entering the dining room, she found both Ender and Samael already seated, their eyes following her as she walked to take her seat. Feeling self-conscious and awkward, being in the presence of the vampires after having had sex with both brothers, she kept her eyes lowered and remained silent while eating her dinner.

"How is your research going, sweet Charlotte?", Samael inquired, a sly smirk on his face.

"Very well, actually, but I still have much to discover", she answered truthfu
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