Chapter 5 - Betrayed And Heartbroken


As soon as I entered the garden, I bumped into a wall. I was confused because I didn’t remember the garden having a wall before. It was an open space. I looked up to find a pair of cold blue eyes staring at me. This man that I bumped into had a pair of mesmerizing eyes that pulled me in their depths.

He had a powerful aura surrounding him. I think he might be one of the guest alphas. The thought made my eyes widen in fear. I immediately took a step back, scared I would do something to offend our guests. He looked at me with what looked like confusion in his eyes?

“I am sorry Alpha, I wasn’t looking where I was going,” I murmured, bowing my head in respect.

“It’s alright, just be careful next time. It’s not good to be clumsy, you can hurt yourself.” He replied in his deep, crisp voice, making a shiver run down my spine. Did he really have to be so rude? I did say I was sorry, right? I thought, mentally scoffing at the rude Alpha, but quietly nodded my head to avoid getting in trouble.

He narrowed his eyes, looking at me as though he knew what I was thinking, but shook his head. He looked at me and with a nod walked away, making me breathe a sigh of relief.

“What were you doing there?” A familiar loud voice made me jump.

“Malia, I—” I started, only to be interrupted by her.

“Were you trying to seduce a guest, Alpha, you bitch?” She growled at me in anger, making my eyes widened.

“No, I swear, I didn’t do anything,” I pleaded, wanting to get away from her as quickly as possible. She held my hand in a painful grip, making me cry out.

“You want me to believe that?” She started, my eyes filled with unshed tears as she increased the pressure. “Have you no shame?” She asked again.

“I promise, I did nothing,” I gasped out, unable to bear the pain. Black spots were forming in front of my eyes. She released me from her painful grip just before I could lose my consciousness.

“You are lucky we are surrounded by so many people right now.” She said as her eyes glared at me with the hate I have seen in them for years.

“I will take care of you once we go back home. I have to go attend the ball, and be with my mate.” She added. I was surprised when I heard that. When did she find her mate and why didn’t I know?

“You found your mate?” I asked, as a little smile appeared on my face. She ignored my question, and I realized she won’t reply to me.

“Congratulations, I am ha—” I started, but I was stopped as she held my shoulders in a firm grip.

“I don’t care what you think, just stay the fuck away from me and my mate. I don’t want you anywhere near us. You disgust me,” she growled lowly at my face, making me shake my head frantically in agreement. She released me rather forcefully, making me stumble, leaving me alone with my thoughts.


The ball is almost over. All the guests have been escorted to the guest houses, while all the pack members are invited to spend the night in the packhouse. I saw the newly mated wolves leave for their home as soon as the ball was over.

It was cute and heartwarming to see the newly mated couple bond. I wondered when I was going to find mine. Mia has been restless ever since we entered the training arena. She wouldn’t tell me why. I have been trying to sleep, tossing and turning on the bed, but sleep seems to be far away from my eyes.

I sighed, sitting up as I looked outside the window to see the moon shining. It looked so beautiful, how I wanted to be able to go out, shift and run as the moon shone on me.

‘Miracle, we have to go,’ I heard Mia whisper in my head, bringing me out of my thoughts.

‘What?’ I asked, confused. I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. I had a weird ache in my chest.

‘Come on, let me take over,’ she replied, not really answering my question. Before I knew it, she was in control and I was walking out of my room.

As I walked, the uncomfortable feeling in my chest started increasing as it turned into an intense pain. I bit my lips, trying to suppress my screams of pain.

Mia, however, did not stop, and soon we were walking up on the Alpha floor. I don't know what she was up to, but we could very well be in trouble for entering this floor without permission. The moment we entered the hallway, a sweet scent hit my nostrils.

I was immediately consumed by the scent; it smelt like forest mixed with chocolate. The scent brought me comfort and eased the pain in my chest a little. I wanted to find the source of this addicting scent.

My feet moved as Mia walked through the hallway, tracing the scent. I was surprised at her sudden demand. She has never wanted to take control before. The further we moved, the stronger the scent got. I was excited, wanting to know what smelt so good.

However, suddenly the pain in my chest increased tenfold, and a groan left my lips as my stomach started turning into knots. I don’t know what was happening, but the pain was getting unbearable with each passing second.

‘I am sorry, Miracle,’ Mia whispered slowly, leaving me confused.

‘Why are you saying sorry, Mia? Is everything okay? Please tell me you are alright,” I asked and begged. She was crying. She was also in pain. But she knew something I did not, and she wasn’t telling me.

I suddenly realized we stopped in front of a room. The scent was stronger here, and I could hear weird sounds coming from the room. I wondered what could be happening inside, but my thoughts were cut short when the pain in my stomach intensified and more tears streamed down my face.

I held on to the door for support. However, the door opened, showing it wasn’t locked. The scene in front of my eyes broke my heart when I found my sister with our future Alpha, who was supposed to be my mate, naked in bed having sex with no care in the world. I couldn’t handle the pain anymore and the last thing I remember before I gave into the darkness is the betrayal and heartbreak.

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