Chapter 7 - Something Fishy


We arrived at the Silver Crescent Pack, but for some reason, my wolf has been restless. I don’t know what it is, but I feel there is something terribly wrong. I tried to ignore it and focus on attending the Mating Ball. I don’t want to poke in their business unless they are doing something terrible.

The Alpha welcomed us, who seem very nervous in my presence. I know, I have a strong aura and I try to suppress it as much as I can, but did he have to make it so obvious? He is an Alpha, and he lets others see his emotions. It is not a good sign for an Alpha.

They immediately took us to the guest house. They had tried their best to make it comfortable for all their visitors, so I commend them for it. After a shower, I changed and made my way out to find my Beta waiting for me at the door.

“Alpha, do you also feel it?” He asked, looking around.

“Do you feel something?” I asked, not bothering to answer his question.

“I feel something is terribly wrong in this pack. Like someone has used magic,” he replied, confirming my doubts.

“I feel it too,” I replied, looking at him.

“Keep your eyes and ears open. We don’t want to interfere or ask about anything unless we are sure.” I said, and he silently nodded his head in agreement.

“Let’s go,” I said, walking out of the guest house.

“Alpha Mills, this way please,” I heard someone say. I could tell from his aura that he must be a Gamma. I silently nodded, following him to the largest building in the pack. This must be the packhouse.

This pack isn’t huge, so it was easy to identify which building is what. He took me to the back where the Mating Ball was held. I could see all of their pack was present, and it is a good thing to have the entire pack take part in events like these.

I could also tell that they had invited a lot of neighboring packs and their Alphas because the space was filled with people. Soon, I heard their Alpha greeting and welcoming everyone. I tuned out his speech until I heard a girl speak up.

“Alpha, my sister can’t fight as you know she doesn’t have a wolf.” She said, interrupting their Alpha. My eyes zeroed in on her as she said the words with somewhat of a satisfactory smirk?

The entire area burst into whispers and I could clearly hear the words of the pack members, they were filled with hate for the said person without a wolf. I was curious, and I wanted to find out about this wolf-less girl.

My eyes found her, her eyes closed with pain reflecting all over her face. I felt a weird ache in my chest, and I don’t know why, but I was affected to see this girl in pain. What confused me more was how her pack thinks she doesn’t have a wolf, but I could sense her wolf.

This just confirms my suspicions. This girl had a powerful aura surrounding her, but she looked weak, as if they drained her of her energy. Her sister, on the other hand, had a normal aura surrounding her. However, she looked strong and confident.

‘I want all the information on these two girls,’ I mind linked my Beta, Toby. I didn’t have to explain which girls I was talking about. He knew me too well.

‘Yes Alpha,’ he replied over the mind link. I know my Beta will make sure we have all the information we need. I only have to talk to their Alpha, informing him I will extend my stay in his pack for a few more days.

I was getting tired of watching all the wolves fight. I know this was nothing but a show of power from the Alpha, that his son was the strongest wolf in his pack. His son Jake is an Alpha born, so he was born to be the strongest in the pack. If he really wanted to show his strength, he should have involved the other packs and made him fight the other pack Alphas.

That would have been the real strength test for his son instead of hyping him up for no reason. I could see his son was as arrogant as he was. I wasn’t even looking at his fight; I was more focused on watching the she-wolf from earlier fight. She defeated female warriors with stronger auras.

‘Something is off, I sense magic.’ My wolf Trent appeared in my head. We haven’t spoken a lot since our mate’s death and to hear his voice in my head almost feels weird.

‘I know, but I don’t know for sure about magic. Magic is forbidden for years, and I don’t think any pack will take the risk of using magic because they could get killed for it,’ I replied.

‘I am sure someone here is using magic and hurting someone.’ He said. The way he was so sure increased my worry. If what Trent said is true, I cannot let that happen. As an Alpha, it’s my responsibility to protect everyone.

‘We will find out soon, don’t worry.’ I said, trying to calm my wolf down. I have faith in my Beta and I know he will have the information we need soon.


I had walked out, not able to sit inside and watch the meaningless fight. I walked in the garden breathing in fresh air, trying to calm both myself and Trent. It seemed to put us at ease. I decided to go back in and retire for the night, but on my way, I bumped into the said wolf-less girl.

She looked up at me confused, and soon as she saw me her eyes widened. She seemed to be deep in thoughts but soon I saw fear in her eyes. Was she scared of me? I mean, I know most of these pack wolves are, but her fear looked different.

“I am sorry Alpha, I wasn’t looking where I was going,” she murmured softly as she bowed her head in respect.

“It’s alright, just be careful next time. It’s not good to be clumsy, you can hurt yourself.” I replied, and she shivered. It made me wonder if she was cold or afraid.

I narrowed my eyes, trying to solve the mystery behind this girl that had me restless, but I couldn’t figure anything out. I simply nodded my head at her before walking back to the arena. As soon as I walked in, I saw Toby waiting for me.

“Alpha, I informed Jake and his father that we’ll be extending our stay in their pack for a few days.” He said as soon as I stopped in front of him. This is why he is my Beta. He knows me extremely well and makes sure everything is done as I want.

“Great, let’s return to the guest house and call it a night. I want you to get me more information on those two girls and this pack tomorrow.” I replied, and he nodded his head as we made our way to the guest house.

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