Chapter 24 - Blessed And Spelled


I have been waiting for what looks like hours, and there is no sign of any elder arriving with the healer. I was getting impatient. We did not have so much time to waste waiting for them. They knew how critical Miracle was, yet they were not taking things seriously.

My mind kept playing the events of the day I found out Miracle was my second chance mate. The doctor's words echoed in my head. I wonder if everything that happened on that day was somehow related to what the doctor found out, but I wouldn’t know until the fucking healer arrives.

‘You are going to have to kill the healer for keeping us waiting.’ Trent growled in my head and I sighed audibly.

‘Don’t be reckless Trent, we need the healer to check and treat Miracle.’ I replied, trying to calm him down. ‘Trent, we don’t want Miracle to suffer anymore than what she has already been through. You need to stay calm.’ It was important for us to leave our Alpha ego aside and think calmly

Midnight Shines

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Midnight Shines
More updates coming out today. I hope you enjoy them too ...️
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love this book so far can't wait for more updates hopefully sooner than later!!!
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Loved it! Thanks for the update. Please tell me there is more coming!!!

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