Chapter 25 - Answers


“I wasn’t talking about that ritual and spell. Someone cast another spell on her, and it was from years ago.” Esmeralda’s words shocked everyone in the room. What the hell is going on with Miracle? How much has she suffered over the years?

“What do you mean?” I growled. She glared at me, rolling her eyes at my obvious anger. I was getting anxious with each passing second, and didn’t like the uneasy feeling.

“Stop growling at me. You might be an Alpha, but I am not one of your pack members to bow down to you. I am only answerable to the council. I am here to help you, and you need to show me respect. If you can’t respect me just because you hate my kind, then I will take my leave.” Her eyes glowed a bright green as she spoke to me in a stern voice.

“I might be a witch, but I am not one of them.” She spoke in an angry tone. I decided it was best for me to shut up. I didn't mean to growl at her. I was just upset with the fact that Miracle had

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Melissa Wilson
Hmm...I wonder was she kidnapped by them years ago.
goodnovel comment avatar
So good!! Need more!! LOL. Please keep the updates coming! I love this story and check it repeatedly throughout the day for updates.

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