Chapter 28 - Meeting Selene


“Are you sure about that?” I jumped at the sweet voice that filled my ears and I turned to see who was intruding on my peace with Mia.

In front of me stood a beautiful woman. I have seen no one as beautiful as her. She was a tall woman with a milky white skin. Her platinum blonde hair flew around her as she looked at me with a sweet, gentle smile on her face that enhanced her unique violet coloured eyes.

“Are you sure you don’t want to talk about your mate?” The sound of her voice broke my trance, and I blinked my eyes, trying to focus. If I was really in heaven, then she must be an angel.

“Yes, I don’t want to talk about him.” I mumbled, but I was sure she heard me. She walked towards me and patted my head, looking at me with the same smile on her face.

“You don’t mean that, child.” She said, and I scoffed at her in response. It was creepy enough that she was listening in on our conversation, and now she wants to get

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I hope your recovery is still going well, take your time and focus on getting better
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Ash ley
Frick! 2 damn books that I’ve started reading and both are unfinished!
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Lupito Rotava
i hope you're well now, take your time to recovery. Please make a double update when you post! I'm loving the story.

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