Chapter four

Ethan’s mother had already woken up and was asking about him.  As soon as she saw him,  she could not hold back her tears as they dropped from the corners of her eyes to the pillow. 

“Don't cry mother,  everything will be okay. I'll take you out of here as soon as you feel better.” Ethan comforted his mum.

Theresa blink back her tears,  she just looked sadly at her son and wondered if he was tone-deaf. “I am not crying because I'm here, even though my body hurts like hell.  the pain in my heart is worse.”

“Worse!  How come? tell me where it hurts so I can get to the doctor.” Ethan said, alarmed.

“Where it hurts, can't be seen,  and cannot be treated with medicine.”

“ I really do not understand what you are trying to say, mother.”  He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.

“ I want you and the children to be happy,  I want your family to be United again.  I am already old and frail,  I want to see you married,  happy, and in love. Is that too much to ask?” Theresa said with sorrow-filled eyes. “I remember how happy you used to be when you just got married,  even happier when the kids started coming.  But now all you do is run away from home,  you just cut everyone off, especially the kids.  Sometimes I feel you do this in case something happens to them it won't hurt you so much, but you do realize it doesn't work that way,  love them and be with them now that they are  Young,  be present or you might regret it later on.” Theresa pleaded to her son's conscience.

Gaius’s presence was totally forgotten,  however, as he tried to slip out of the room, Theresa stopped him. “I know you have been friends with Ethan for a long time, Make him understand that he's not the only one grieving, we all loved Vanessa too. Let him know that his children need him,  more now than ever. He should not allow his loss to make him miss out on his kid's life.”

Ethan wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes “ I will try my best and become more present in the children's life.”

Smiling through her tears. “ That will be so nice,  the children miss you so much,  especially Sophie.”

He felt the excitement build within him and promised to do his best,  together with his mother they will be a happy family.

 As if reading his thoughts,  his mother held his hand and spoke again. “ You need a wife Ethan,  the children need a mother. 

Ethan was lost for words.  When he recovered from his initial shock,  he shook his head in disagreement. “ You have always been a mother to them,  you are all they need.”

“No. I am their grandmother,  and I'm already old.  They need someone young and vibrant,  and you need a wife and a companion too.”

“Let's not talk about this now,” Ethan replied feeling uncomfortable.

“ Promise me that you will think about what I just said.”

“ I will think about it,  for now,  you just have to rest so you can recover quickly and go back home.”

Theresa was content with her sons' reply,   at least he promised to think about it.  She closed her eyes and slept off.  However Ethan was in turmoil,  he was afraid that the mother might go into cardiac arrest if he did not do as she requested. 

“Why do  you have that look on your face?”

“What look?” Gaius asked feigning ignorance

“Just say what is on your mind, out with it,” Ethan replied.

“Hahaha, you need a wife as soon as possible.”

Ethan shook his head in derision “says who.”

Gaius glanced from Ethan to his mum who was sleeping. “You wouldn't want to hurt her. She is very vulnerable now.”

“How do I go about getting a wife when I'm not even dating?”

“ That should not be a problem to you,  you have closed thousands of business deals and had too many flings.  you will come out with a solution.  I have faith in you.” Gaius replied. He could not resist laughing at his last sentence.



“Don't put any call through to my office, till I tell you to,” Ethan said to his secretary as he walked into his office. 

“Yes sir.”

“I am expecting  someone named Malik in an hour's time,  Usher him into my office immediately comes.”

“Ok sir,  anything else.”  the Secretary waited for more instructions.

“Get me a cup of hot coffee.  Black,”  he shouted before shutting his office door.

 Throughout the weekend he had been contemplating on what his mother said,  and an idea sprang into his mind.  He was early in the office with the hope of starting on with his plan.

 On his way to the office,  he made a call to a private detective He had used once when he was investigating fraud in his company years ago.

 At exactly 9 p.m.  Malik was seated opposite Ethan in his office. 

“ I want more information about a waitress at Sheraton restaurants.”

“ What's the name and what does she look like?”

“ That is where the problem lies,  I don't know her name,  or what she looks like.  I saw her briefly, all I can tell you is that she's human.”

 “ That does not say much about her,  do you have a picture Or something.”

“ No, I don't have her picture, but I think she's an immigrant,  and she has a very thick accent. she is tall too.” 

“ ok, I will start with the little information you have.  if I find her, what do you want me to do.”

“ I want more information about her.  her background,  country, and reason for her migrating to  America.  I want every detail  and secret about her.”

“ I will do as you say,  expect my feedback in four days' time.”

“ can't I get it sooner than that?”

“ Well, I have to be sure that I have the right person before getting more details about her.  the information you gave already is very vague.”

“ Ok then, expecting you in four days' time.”

“ how do I receive my payment” the last time he worked for Ethan, his secretary handed over his check to him.

“ I don't want anyone to know about this. No one at all.  Whatever information you find, bring it directly to me.  Do you understand?”

“Yes. Expect me on Friday morning.” The private detective replied and left his office.

As soon as he left, Ethan started having doubts about what he was about to do.

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