For the love of the kids


Ethan’s mother had already woken up and was asking for him. As soon as she saw him, she could not hold back her tears as they dropped from the corners of her eyes to the pillow.

“Don't cry mother, everything will be okay. I'll take you out of here as soon as you feel better.” Ethan comforted his mum.

Theresa blink back her tears, she just looked sadly at her son and wondered if he was tone-deaf. “I am not crying because I'm here, even though my body hurts like hell. the pain in my heart is worse.”

“Worse! How come? tell me where it hurts so I can get to the doctor.” Ethan said, alarmed.

“Where it hurts, can't be seen, and cannot be treated with medicine.”

“ I really do not understand what you are trying to say, mother.” He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.

“ I want you and the children to be happy, I want your family to be united again. I am already old and frail, I want to see you married, happy, and in love. Is that too much
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