Chapter nine

On the first ring, her mother answered and it took all of Camilla's willpower not to start crying even though tears filled her eyes. 

"Hello, mother."

"Oh, my darling, how are you well?" The voice was breathless with worry.

"I am fine, mama. I wanted to hear your voice and also to tell you that I…that I wedded today."

"Yes, I remembered. I believe it all went well."

"Yes, it did."

"Are you happy?" 

Camilla was not expecting the question and for an instant, she did not know what to say. She heard her mother crying and fought back her own emotions. She waited, knowing that her mother would need a few minutes.

"I'm sorry." Camilla's mother gasped "I have missed you so much, sometimes…sometimes I wish I had insisted you stay here with me."

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