Yes I do. Maybe not


Camilla Could feel the beads of sweat break in her forehead and her palms felt cold and wet. She tightened her hands around the bouquet that she was holding. If circumstances were different she would have taken time to inhale the lovely scent that rose from the petals in her hands.

From where she was standing at the center of the door to the cathedral, she could see her soon-to-be husband Standing tall in all his 6-foot frame at the altar waiting for her; she had to admit that he was a sight for sore eyes.

The melodious sounds from the piano keys rang inside the church signaling that it was time for Camilla to march forward towards the altar and her groom.

As soon as she started the long walk down the aisle alone as she had insisted on, she felt her heart pound faster with each step she took. She began to perspire, her mind racing back to her past. The betrayal felt so recent even though it happened five years ago. She felt faint and her heart started to
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