More rules


Ethan started walking toward Camilla, she retreated backward as he drew closer to her. When her body hit the wall she knew there was no escaping him. Ethan trapped her in by resting his palm on the wall, leaving no space between them.

"And who said you can make rules in my house, Camilla." He gave her a hard stare, he could feel the warmth of her breath on his face.

Camilla's lashes flickered, and she could feel her skin cover up with goosebumps. "No touching." She blurted out. "Please." She added.

"And if I refuse." Ethan sneered, he bent his head and sniffed the nape of her neck. She smelled good, too good. He acknowledged to himself.

Camilla swallowed hard, she felt her head spin, however, she could not tell whether it was from lack of food or was it her body reacting to his closeness to her.

"Cat got your tongue," Ethan asked and at the same time, he trailed his tongue along her long neck.

Camilla opened her mouth to speak but no words came out and she shut it
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