It was just a few days after their wedding and Camilla was already bored. Ethan had forbidden her from resuming her work at the restaurant, "everything you need is in the house." He told her when she complained.

"What if I get bored, I am not used to staying idle."

"Watch N*****x or any other show on tv. What is that popular soap opera common with Brazilians?" Ethan appeared to be thinking "yes. Watch Telenovela." Ethan replied and walked out on her.

Camilla was frustrated by his behavior, even though she enjoyed Theresa's company it was still not who she was, she had worked almost all her life since becoming an adult.

Camilla was an early morning person, she was usually awake as early as five in the morning. But since she married Ethan and started sharing his room with him, she had no choice but to sleep in. And would wait till he leaves the bed for the bathroom before she gets up herself.

Camilla would then go to the kitchen for some coffee, she loved adding cinnamon to her c
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