Another day

Camilla was restless after Theresa's comment about having a child someday. She knew in America, children could tell their parents to mind their business, but that was not the way she was raised, her mother would smack her if she did something like that, especially to her mother-in-law notwithstanding the circumstances behind the relationship.

The only time she forgot to think about the conversation was when the kids came back from school and she told Sophie that she watched Barney and friends with grandma. The little child squealed her heart and Sophie forgot about her problems for the time being.

The rest of the day was spent in her bedroom and she only came down for dinner before retiring for the night. She was still awake when Ethan came in, showered, and slid inside the duvet.

She was torn between telling him about his mother's hope and whether not to. At last, she decided to totally forget about it. It was normal for mothers to start thinking about grandkids, especially after

what do you guys think of m story so far.. any suggestion

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