Ethan could not believe that he had agreed to bring his wife along. "His wife" the words continued to play out in his mind till he reached home. He hated the sound of it and the intimacy it suggested.

Camilla was not his wife, she was just playing the part for a while. Yet everyone seemed to continuously want to put them together, first, his mother insisted they share a room, and now he was getting invited to parties alongside her.

He could easily go to the party without her and make excuses to his host as to why his 'wife' was absent. However, he also had to think about his business and good relationship with clients and prospects were important and a tiny mistake could be costly and have adverse effects.

When Ethan reached home, he was surprised to see his children and mother together with Camilla in the living room. They were all engrossed in what they were watching. It was a rare sight since losing his wife Vanessa, and for an instant, his mind's eyes wandered
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