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Gaius kept his mind away from his marriage, as he rummaged through his workload, sorted out files according to the degree of urgency, signed overdue checks, had a brief meeting with the team under his supervision, he was so engrossed in his work that he did not notice the day wear off till mid-afternoon.

The creak of the door made him look up from his table. “ It's you, what time is it?” he looked at his watch grimacing at how much time had gone. “I feel stiff and my back aches.” Gaius Stretched and cracked his neck to gain some relief.

Ethan laughed, “I want to grab some lunch, you care to join.”

“ Gladly, I have not eaten since today. Bill is on you though.”

“ Your protruding stomach says otherwise.” teasing his friend was a pastime he enjoyed.

Gaius chuckled “hahaha, too much wine and junk food is to blame.”

“And I was thinking of treating you to some fries and hamburger.” Ethan pouted.

“Who says I can't have some. Two weeks of torture in the gym and I
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