Chapter Twenty


Ethan woke up the next day feeling like shit. He had a blinding headache and felt an intense sense of loss around him. Memories of last night came flooding back and he tried to block them.

He pressed a button on the wall close to his bed and within a minute, a servant walked in.

"Coffee please, thick and black. Get me some aspirin too." He waved his fingers and dismissed the servant.

Remembering he shared the room with Camilla, he turned to see if she was still there even though he knew it was unlikely and heaved in relief when she wasn't.

His phone rang just then and he prayed it was not Margaret thankfully it was Gaius.

"Hey " he murmured into the phone.

"Where are you?" Gaius sounded exasperated when he spoke.

"At home, in my bed precisely." Ethan pressed his temple with his index and middle finger clapped together.

It felt as if he was getting blind by the sheer pain of the headache.

"Won't you come to the office today?"

"I don't know yet, my head hurts." Ethan moane
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