Chapter twenty one


Camilla was not sure why Emma asked for her, even though they had never been close, there was mutual respect between them. However, she had noticed that there had been a subtle change in Emma, in the last two months or thereabout, she went from calm to wild then subtle. Camilla was suddenly worried, and hurried her step, when she hit Emma's door she waited a bit before knocking and was asked to come in almost immediately.

"Hi." Camilla locked the door behind her and waited, this was her first time in Emma's room and even though she was invited she did not want to overstep her boundary.

"You can sit over there." Emma pointed to a yellow couch.

Camilla walked over to the couch and sat down, many thoughts flowed through her mind as to why she was called. She watched the young lady fidget with her hands. She looked worried and must have been crying, from how puffy her face was.

"Is everything okay, Emma," Camilla asked.

Emma shook her in no.

"What is the problem?" Camilla ask
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