Somebody save us

Camilla looked on as Theresa and Emma cried in each other's arms. She felt sad with her own emotions, and thoughts of her mother overwhelmed her. For an instant she felt jealous, it had been long since she felt any real human touch around her, she missed her mother so terribly, she missed her hugs, her warmth, her smile, even her scent.

She wanted to go back to Brazil and be with her mother. It was better than being invisible in this foreign land but she could not, her mother had forbidden her from being irrational with her decision, she could not go home because she would lose what she had worked so hard to get. Even though being with her mum was all she wanted, she knew her mother would be more heartbroken if she failed than if she never sees her again.

Gathering herself together, Camilla waited for Emma and Theresa to calm down and when they finally composed themselves, Theresa reached out to Camilla and hugged her too.

"Thank you," Theresa said with a smile.

Camilla was confuse
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