Ethan took a long gulp of his scotch, it was what he needed. Even though he was fully aware that it was his favorite mix, how she knew he liked it remained a mystery, a part of him wanted to get out to avoid further entanglement with her while another part of him wanted to be wild, have fun without a care about who gets hurt. He was still contemplating whether to flee or stay when Margaret came back into the living room wearing next to nothing.

He knew his mouth hung open on seeing her, but he could not close it. He stood transfixed as she walked toward him and stopped in front of him.

Margaret smiled at him "you like." She swirled allowing Ethan a better view of her body.

"I have to leave now," Ethan said, he gulped down the remaining drink and stood up from the chair. "I am sorry."

Margaret was surprised, she held him by the hand and met his gaze. "Why." She was irked by his behavior.

"I…I forgot." He shook his head as if trying to recollect "I can't do this Margaret, am so
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