I can't do this

The tension in the car as they rode to the hospital was nerve-wracking. Emma had stopped crying, she just sat quietly beside Camilla in the backseat and tried not to think about what she was about to do. Emma knew her father was still seething, she could tell from the way he jammed on the horn of his car and how fast he rode. If he meant to kill them all then so be it, her life was already ruined.

But could she continue to blame Chad, her dad did, and everyone in her family did but she blamed herself more. She could have read between the lines, and seen the red flags. However, she had been more thrilled to be dating the most popular kid in school who showed interest in her and thereby threw all caution to the wind. Her negligence has cost her; here she was going to the hospital to get rid of the bastard as her father put it, and Chad was nowhere to be found, he might be up someone else skirts, he could be having the best day of his life or worst he could be frolicking with Melissa his
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