Ride home


Emma sat at the back of the car thinking about her life and how she had wrecked it. She could not believe that she was carried away by Chad's charm and good looks. Now she is single and pregnant and her father hates her.

She wanted her mum so bad, if she had been here she would not be in this situation. Resting her back against the seat she heaved a long sigh and felt Camilla's hands rub her shoulders. Camilla, her stepmother. She had hated the idea of her marrying her father, but now Camilla was the strength she needed in her dilemma, the young woman had comforted her and never judged her since she told her about her pregnancy. Her father on the other hand had been moody since finding out, if looks could kill, she would already be dead from the dagger shooting out of his eyes towards her.

It had been a silly mistake on her part, the warning signs were there but she overlooked it all because she enjoyed the attention and popularity being with Chad gave her. Her naivety w
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