Running away


Ethan believed that he had failed as a father to his children. He reckoned that his obsession with his pain made him forget how to be a father. Alone in his room, he cried for the wife he lost too soon, for his negligence towards his family, and for his young daughter, who was only a child and was now pregnant.

He was also very angry. Emma should have taken his advice and gotten rid of the pregnancy, it was just a simple and safe routine. He wondered why she changed her mind, or if Camilla was the one who convinced her against his will. He was getting angry just thinking about it, he stood from the couch where he had been crouched over in thought and paced his large room.

Does his young wife have a hand in this? did she manage to make his daughter disobey him, did he underestimate her influence over his children, especially his eldest child?

There was only one way to find out. He stormed out of his room and went in search of the devil that betrayed him. She was nowhere
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