Alpha's Destiny
Alpha's Destiny
Author: N Chandra

Arguing with the father

“Dad, you're not listening to me,” Destiny nearly screamed. Her fists were clenched at her side, her gold-rimmed amber eyes flashed with anger.

“I don't want to mate with Johan. I want to choose my mate on my own. Why can't I get my destined mate like other girls?”

“What others do is none of your business. Who has been putting these far-fetched idea's in your head?” David Parr, Destiny's father, demanded.

“Johan is the Beta's son. He would be second in line to the Alpha, whenever he is ready to take over. This marriage will be beneficial for the family. I don't believe in this mate business. I decide what is best for you.”

“But I want to spend time with my mate, learn his likes and dislikes… I want to fall in love! I want to experience what life has to offer outside this pack. Why can't you understand I want more in life?” Destiny pleaded to her father.

In two days, it was her birthday. She was going to turn 20. A woman, according to her dad and the pack elders.

“Your job is to be a good wife and bear many pups for Johan. Is that clear?” His dad growled.

“I'm not interested in being someone's maid, damn it. I've heard how Johan treats the girls he dates! He treats them little better than slaves! “ Destiny said, finally losing her cool. Being a doormat in a loveless marriage was the last thing she ever wanted.

Destiny was a Lycanthrope. Humans called them werewolves. As half-human and half-animal, they lived in packs. Away from the prying human eyes. A werewolf was used to living secretly, and each pack varied with different rules. Destiny was the daughter of the beta David and Helen Parr from the Moon Rock pack. One of the powerful and the most isolated pack in North America. However, there was one demerit at least in her pack. Women were second-class citizens.

David Parr was ambitious, and a social climber. He had arranged her union a week ago to Johan Rockford. Even though Destiny's repeated pleading that she didn't want to marry Johan. David refused to listen. Destiny was not against mating. She just wanted to choose her mate. The one whom Luna had made for her. It was every werewolf's dream to find their destined mate. But her father refused to listen. Over and over he kept repeating, like a broken record, that she should accept the choice he'd made for her, settle down and raise a family.

And of all the men her father could have selected, he picked the worst possible male of the pack. Johan was the next Beta, but he was also an arrogant, obnoxious brat. She had heard stories that he not only used his women like trash, he even hurt them.  The heated argument between the father and the daughter had been going on for several days, with neither side willing to give up.

“You will mate with Johan, or whoever I select for you. End of discussion.” David growled in anger.

“No, I won't,” Destiny said slowly. “You can't force me to mate !”

Without warning, she found herself crashing into the nearest furniture. The table broke from the impact, she was a strong wolf. Her father's hand had lashed out, hitting her cheek. The blow had spun her around and sent her crashing into the nearest table. Searing pain coursed through her slender body. Her cheek which now sported a pink flush stung while her body ached. But she didn't care. Fighting against the tears which threatened to stream out of her eyes. She slowly touched her smarting cheek. Her father had hit her.

The astounding silence of the room was broken by her father's harsh, angry breathing, and Destiny's pounding heart. A small sob joined it, drawing their attention. Grace stood in the doorway, looking sadly at her husband and daughter. Destiny's heart lurched. Her mother had suffered in silence all these years. David gave her a glare and Grace hurried back to the kitchen clutching her apron.

The dam holding Destiny's tears finally gave up as she watched her mom flee, leaving her with the man who had just done the unforgivable.

“You will do as I say” he snarled. “I have given my word. This mating will improve my standing in the pack. Might as well get some use out of you.”

Reality crashed in as Destiny realized that her father meant business. Her father had always been hard on her. No matter how much she tried, she never measured up. He was constantly trying to break her, but… this went far beyond Destiny's tolerance.

“Lock her in the room,” David commanded.

Chris, her older brother, approached Destiny and stoically held her arm.

“Chris, please… don't do this,” Destiny whispered to her brother. “This is wrong! Can't you see that this is wrong?”

“You should have listened to dad,” Chris replied, not bothered by the desperation in her eyes.

“Why don't you ever support me, Chris ?” She pleaded.

“You need a strong mate, sister. Someone who can take care of your Dad is right, just listen to him,” Chris replied.

“Take her to her room,” David repeated.

Chris's grip tightened. He never hurt her, but he was his dad's perfect son. Her efforts were futile. Her lean, curvy built was no match against her brother's muscular arms. He shoved her into her room as her father stood at the door.

“Two more days, then you'll be Johan's problem,” David said, the satisfaction in his voice was palpable.

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