Reaching the White Claw pack

The White Claw Compound.

As Destiny walked inside, fear never once left her heart, especially as the pickup came to a stop. She was trembling again, her eyes even shook in terror as the two guards got out of the car. She had been picked up from the riverside. She had managed to reach the White Claw territories but had no idea how to proceed further. She was shivering in a bush when the guards spotted her. When she told them who she was, they replied. Her grandmother was expecting her.

“Go park the truck, Conroy,” The leader of them told him, who nodded and went to go park it, “Marco, Emanuel, let's go.”

They both nodded and followed him into the compound. Destiny struggled to keep up with them. They had provided her with a dry pair of track pants and a tee.  Not having many other choices, she meekly followed them.

As they passed the homes—which seemed to make a small town on its own—she smelt and saw other wolves males, females, and pups alike. They all had eyes on her, each smelling her way, curious to know her. All too soon, she saw what looked like the manor house of the compound. It was easily bigger than most of the other buildings. It had to be where the Alpha lived. She didn't even get to gasp as she was suddenly taken in a bear hug.

“Oh, Goddess Luna. Thank God you are here.” Her Grandmother said, taking her in a bear hug.  Signing with relief, Destiny hugged her back, unable to control her sobs.

“Shhh, my baby. Don't worry, you are safe now. The kind Alpha has allowed you to stay here. Let's go home.” 

Rebecca thanked the guards and took Destiny towards a set of buildings. Destiny was exhausted by the time she reached the cosy two-bedroom home in a 3 storied building. After a quick shower and dinner, she fell into a deep slumber.


“Who the hell is this, Kelsey?” The woman spoke to the theta, her scent telling Destiny she was not pleased.

“Her name is Destiny. She is Rebecca's granddaughter, and she has just joined the pack.” Kelsey told her. 

The next morning, Destiny was told to present herself to the Beta, where she would know about her status as the new member. She was told that in the White Claw pack, wolves were ranked by their abilities, not just birth. She would be considered an omega until she proved her ability to be moved up the rank. 

Destiny swallowed in the silence, a lump starting to form there before the female spoke up, “Sit down and relax, puppy. I'm not going to bite unless I feel like it.”

Destiny quickly nodded and sat down, fear and anxiety not leaving her immediately as the woman insisted. The female didn't even give a slight snicker as most would have. No clock ticking, no creaking, no sniffing. Not even a sound from the other side of the room's walls. Nothing. Just the still air.

The silence only continued for a moment longer before the female spoke again, “My name is Serra James. I am the beta and acting Luna of this pack if you haven't figured it out. I was told you are Rebecca's granddaughter. So, why are you here ?”

Destiny's trembles worsened, the harsh tone in Serra's voice didn't make things easier. She knew better than to lie to wolves. Unlike humans, they could easily smell both deceit and emotions. She probably reeked of fear in the car just as much as she did now.

She sat up in her seat and cleared her throat as best she could, “my father, he was forcing me to mate with the beta's son. I didn't like him.  So I ran away. I did what I needed to survive.” Destiny bit her lip as her words came out almost in a whisper.

Serra folded her fingers together, her elbows on the desk and her eyes narrowed, making her even more intimidating to Destiny, “you are from that barbaric Crescent moon pack? I don't blame you for escaping. Forced mating? Wow.”

Silence reigned for a while as Serra was calming down once again. Destiny continued to tremble, her nerves were too high-strung to relax. She was scared to say anymore. She had already got a cultural shock to see a female in charge. Her previous pack considered women good enough for only kitchen and childbearing. Destiny looked up slightly and took a small intake of breath. Serra's eyes had softened a bit. The energy in the room seemed temporarily softer.

Destiny wondered if they would turn her away because she was from the Crescent moon. Her pack was reclusive and didn't get along with the more 'modern' packs. She preferred not to give it up, not now, not ever! But once again…the Moon Goddess always shows her things can never go her way, and that she should never give up. Ever.

Serra spoke in a monotone voice, “You're staying here.”

Destiny' heart soared with happiness. One of the doors to the study opened slowly, revealing a young brunette who, like everyone else in this pack, looked carefree, 

“Yes, Serra?”

“Puppy, this is Roxy, an Omega like you. You will be ranked as an omega until you have proven your worth. Can you fight?” Serra asked.

Destiny slowly nodded, at least females were allowed to learn to fight in her pack. They had learned long back that an untrained female was a liability in wars. Half of the warriors had to be assigned to protect the women and children, so the Alpha had allowed all the females to learn to fight. 

“Good, at least those barbarians did something right. Roxy, this is Destiny. I would like you to take her around and teach her the ways of this pack. You're both excused,” Serra got up from her seat and dismissed them. 

They bowed and left her office.

“So Destiny. The others are not used to you yet. Females of the other ranks would want you to submit to them and the unmated males will have eyes on you,” Roxy spoke to her, her petite body out-walking Destiny in speed.

Destiny couldn't believe this.  “What?”

Roxy chuckled.” Don't worry, I am just warning you that don't trust anyone easily since you are new here. So, what else do you like to do?” 

“I...... I like to swim.” Destiny replied slowly.

“That's nice, we have a river and a lake. We can go swimming sometime. So, you will be staying with your grandmother ?”

Destiny nodded, feeling more and more relaxed as Roxy took her around, meeting other girls and boys of her age. This pack was much different from hers. Her wolf assured her thoughts. We can relax now. We are safe.

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