Settling down

Jake stalked toward the elk, his body remaining low as he hid behind a bush, so his black fur wouldn't be noticed. Before the bull could even look up and take stock of things happening around him. Jake charged at it, seizing it by its throat with his strong jaws. It let out a fearful and indignant cry right before Jake's jaws tightened on its throat further and sharply twisted his head, breaking its neck with the momentum; its body fell almost soundlessly into the snow.

He looked around before indulging in his fresh kill. In truth, Jake didn't need to be hunting this far north in the pack territory, but he needed to clear his mind, and going on long runs and occasional hunts were the release his wolf needed.

For the past week, he's been having recurring dreams and restlessness. That made his wolf go wild with want, desperate for something. He had thought about taking a few of his pack females to bed. They would be willing to do that. But he had decided not to date his pack females. Eliza would be more than willing, but his wolf didn't want her. The wanton craving almost drove him stark raving mad with lust and longing. As he absent-mindedly ate through the bull, he couldn't help but think of the upcoming mating ceremony. How was he going to spend his life like this?


“Where do I put these?” Destiny asked her Grandmother. After she removed the brisket from the oven.

Rebecca looked over before resuming chopping the potatoes into slices, “Wrap them in aluminium foil and put them back in. Follow your nose from there.”

Destiny nodded and did as she was told. Her Grandmom was in charge of the kitchen, Destiny was also assigned kitchen duty this week. So that she could be close to her grandma. Though she was still new, the feeling of doing something for people apart from herself, serving a larger group, brought a smile to her face.

“Hey, is anyone finished in here?” A man with a military buzz cut strode in, and from the looks of it, it would be blonde if he grew it out. His body was nowhere near as massive as the other guy's Destiny had seen here, but he kept his build strong.

He had been introduced yesterday as Victor, one of her fellow Omegas. However, he gave her the cold shoulder. His hazel eyes moved through the kitchen before settling on Destiny, “You.”

Destiny looked up at him as she continued to wrap the last brisket, “Yes?”

“Are you done?” His arms were crossed.

“Y-yes,” she nodded as she put the last brisket in the oven and went and washed her hands off the grease.

“Good,” He then went over to the large cabinets and took out the plates. Going back over, he easily stacked several in her arms when she finished drying, catching her off guard a bit, “Help set the table. Thirty-five at each one. Move quickly. Don't drop anything.”

He then turned, and she followed, biting her lip, but kept her frustrations to herself. As she went to the first of the three long dining tables, her thoughts flashed through her mind. She didn't mind so much if the higher ranks treated her this way. But when someone of lower rank.....she was a beta for God's sake.

She sighed. She didn't need to bring it up again that day. She'd rather focus on just getting the task done and then retiring back to her bedroom.

 Destiny didn't automatically pick up the sounds of banging, and sudden yelling in the manor; she was too busy with the ideas on her mind. However, she did pick up a scent, a heavily perfumed scent. A little before, she heard the sudden and menacing shrill voice from the doorway.

“Where is he?”

Destiny's heart swiftly quickened and did so faster when she saw the abrupt look of fear on Victor's face, his arms were shaking, the clattering sound of the plates he held was proof of that. She followed where his temporary gaze was directed and saw it.

A woman, growling and breathing deeply, walked in quickly, she was beautiful. Her sleek blond hair was styled on her head in an intricate bun. She was tall and dressed in a shimmering red gown which had a long slit on the side giving a tantalizing view of her shapely legs.

“Where is he? He can't stand me up again!” 

Destiny's eyes widened, and she looked quickly at the Alpha female's feral eyes. She gulped slightly and averted her eyes, trying to back away, much like Victor was doing. Yet…

Before Destiny could take another step, the woman walked in and dashed right onto her, causing all the remaining plates that she carried to fly into the air. Before she hit the floor, the plates, and glassware shattered around them.

“You stupid clumsy, bitch! Look what you did!” The woman screeched, as an ugly oily stain adorned her gown.

Gasping, Destiny stood up, grabbing an apron and dabbing at the stain. 

“Foolish girl, stop spreading it.” The woman shrieked.

Suddenly, a strong hand pushed Destiny's hands away, stepping in and taking her arm and leading her toward the kitchen. “My dear, it was not your fault. Please don't cry. All is well. A good wash in the laundry will clear up the spot, and I will make sure she forgets all about this. You go into the kitchen with Rebecca.”

Destiny looked up curiously at the man speaking. He was very tall, around 6" 2. He had sandy brown hair and a cute boyish face, like those 90s male pop singers. But his body radiated power, was he the Alpha? 

“Look what that girl did, she must be punished.” The woman was still screeching.

“Come on, Eliza leave the poor girl alone. You were looking for Jake, right? I have an idea where he might be.” The man gently led away Eliza and turned towards Destiny.

“Go,” he quietly mouthed the word.

“Thank you,” Destiny sniffed gratefully, scurrying down the hallway toward the kitchen. Roxy joined her and explained the incident to Rebecca.

“Don't be sad, Eliza is always a bitch!” Roxy mumbled.

“Don't say aloud, girl, she is your Luna.” Rebecca admonished her. Then turned towards Destiny. “Oh! Dear, you have hurt yourself.” 

It was then that Destiny noticed the sharp pain in her wrist. The broken glassware had jabbed her left wrist. The wound was already closing thanks to their heightened healing, but it was deep.

“I am fine, it's just a scratch,” she replied.

“Oh no! You must see the doctor, otherwise, it will leave a scar.” Her grandma insisted.

Despite her protest, Roxy ushered her out and explained that Eliza was Alpha Jake's mate. They were supposed to mate in two weeks. And her rescuer was Sam, the second in command Beta.

“You know what, I dread the day Eliza becomes our Luna. She is so arrogant and bossy. She is going to make our lives hell.”

Destiny could see that and wondered what kind of man was Alpha Jake? If his mate was such a bitch, he might be worse. But the pack seemed happy, and she hadn't heard anyone complaining about Jake. He seemed to be a likeable man. He had accepted her in the pack so he must be kind. 

“But how come the Alpha chose her as his mate ?” She queried.

“I don't know, this mating business is so messy. That's why I don't believe in destined mates, what if my mate turns out to be a jerk? Or just plain ugly?" Roxy said horrified.

"Then you can always reject him," Destiny replied.

"I hope the Alpha rejected Eliza, I just wish the ceremony never goes through.” Roxy kept blabbering until they reached the infirmary.

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