First time in the bar

"There you go, it won't leave a mark." The kind doctor said to Destiny as he applied an ointment on her wound.

"Thank you," she smiled at him.

"So you are a new arrival?" Dr Connery asked casually.

"Yeah, things were not very good in my previous pack. I had to run away," she said biting her lips.

He gave her a sympathetic look," which pack are you from?" 

"The silver Cresent." 

Dr Connery raised an eyebrow and stared at her, she remained him of her. Could she be.......?

"Well now you are here, so forget your worries and come to me if you get bashed up again." He grinned at her.


"I need to apologize to you for the mishap," Sam started to say.

Annoyed, Eliza cut him off. "No, you don't. Why should you have to apologize?"

Then she added, "where is he?"

"Jake has gone for some important pack business," Sam said, shrugging. Though he knew the real reason was that he wanted to avoid Eliza.

"Pack business? On the day of our dinner date? Without even the courtesy of informing me." Eliza snapped.

"Well, I apologise for that as well. But it was important." Sam lied, while he tried to reach Jake mentally. He was out hunting he knew that. 

Eliza sashayed forward and held Sam by the scruff of his neck," you know how important this is. Our mating will pave way for a new beginning for both our packs. Not to forget the land and stocks which Jake would be getting from my dad. He wouldn't like to forgo that would he." She whispered evenly.

Sam gulped, not because he was afraid of Eliza but because he hated the fact that she was going to be his Luna. 

"You have nothing to worry about, Eliza. Jake is very much invested in this betrothal." He managed to say.

"He better be," she whispered and turned back to leave. Sam rubbed his forehead in despair. Eliza was not the right woman for Jake, she would be a terrible Luna just like her mother. Eliza's mother was an ambitious woman who had tried to overthrow her mate and take over the pack. The heartbroken Richard had reluctantly ordered her execution. The incident had left him insecure and heartbroken. Assuming that his daughter might hate him in future for killing her mother. He never took another mate. Instead, he channelized all his love and attention towards Eliza. Fulfilled all her wishes and whims. She was his little princess. Unfortunately, he failed to instil good values in her, she grew up into a spoilt brat. Sam was afraid she was turning into the mirror image of her mother.


"Your pack owns a club?!!??" Destiny asked aghast.

"Yeah, we own several of them. It's an entire chain. Plus several other businesses in the town." Roxy said matter of factly. She found Destiny amusing. The girl was amazed by almost everything. 

"I have never been to a club," Destiny said wrapping her hand around her folded legs and resting her chin on her knees. She was in Roxy's room hanging out.

"Seriously? What a shame. How old are you?" Roxy asked while painting her nails.

"I turned 20 two days back." 

"And you have never been to a club?" Roxy gasped." What about boyfriends?" 

Destiny shook her head. " My father was very strict, I was never left alone, even the pack school was segregated. I was not allowed to even talk to boys. If any guy showed interest he was beaten up by my brother Chris." Destiny sighed. She felt like an outcast here. Would the pack reject her for being socially awkward?

Roxy gave her a pitying look. " How medieval, I think it's time you break free. I will take you to the club tonight."

Destiny's amber eyes widened with delight. "You will? Oh! thank you so much. But I don't have any appropriate dress."

"Don't worry you can borrow mine, we are the almost same size." Roxy giggled.

Destiny strutted happily across the parking lot of the club. She was glad that had been able to make a few friends, something she had never really had. So when Roxy invited her out for a night out in the town, she was scared initially as she had no idea what to do. But Roxy and her friends Luren had worked their magic and she was looking like a hot bombshell.

The gold and black halter top accentuated her curved and flat stomach and 5" 9 frames. Her jeans hugged her buttocks and long legs as if it was painted on them. The halter top left a large expanse of her back and stomach open. Delicate golden heel completed her look.

She had left her auburn hair open. It cascaded softly down her shoulders. She had never felt so sexy, so beautiful. It was something her father never allowed. It was all about being submissive, obedient, and blindly following orders. But tonight she wouldn't ponder on those unpleasant memories.  Tonight she was going to hang out and have fun. She took a deep breath as they approached the bouncer, the booming music reverberated through the walls. They were quickly let in, while walking through the crowded floor she had felt the heated gaze of the men following her as she disappeared through the entrance. 

They headed for the bar and sat at a table in a dark, smoky corner. Looking around she blushed when she caught sight of a couple getting hot and all over each other at the next table.

"I love this song!" Roxy suddenly shouted.

"You love every song when you're drunk, Roxy." Lauren rolled her eye.

"Come one I haven't even taken a sip yet. Let's loosen up. The night is young and there's way more fun to be had." Roxy said.

Lauren spotted her boyfriend and moved to the dance floor. 

Turning her attention back to her Destiny, Roxy asked, "let's go...."

"I...I can't dance," Destiny said under her breathe. 

"It's fine, let the music guide you love," Roxy grinned at her.

"No I am fine, I will join you after a couple of drinks." Destiny made an excuse, she was too nervous to dance.

"Ok I'll be right back," Roxy said.

"Where are you going?"

"To find me one of those. No way I'm letting Lauren have all the fun tonight."

Shaking her head, Destiny watched Roxy depart. She was yet to be introduced to the pack formally. So, she didn't know anyone here except Roxy and Lauren. 

Taking a deep breath she walked up to the bar. A handsome blonde wolf was bartending there. He was cute and she quickly picked up a conversation with him. His name was Chad.

"So this is your first time to a bar ?" Chad asked, with a hint of surprise.

"Yeah," she replied sheepishly.

"In that case, you deserve a special treat," he winked and took out a bottle with a slightly glowing amber liquid.

"What is that ?"

"It's called the wolf's elixir. It's a drink, especially for us supernaturals. It's distilled by faes. If a human takes a sip of it he would be one hell of a psychedelic trip. It's 5 times more powerful than an LCD. But to us wolves, it would just give us a good kick. Your every cell would feel alive." Chad explained.

"I would like to try some," Destiny said eagerly.

Chad poured her a glass and she sipped it. It tasted like wine, though it was more fruity, and sweet.

"It's nice, thank you." She thanked the bartender and looked at the dance floor.

Roxy and Luren were bouncing on the balls of their feet. The atmosphere of the club was electrifying. It pulsated with the music and the people shaking on the dance floor. There was something else, she felt a strange pull. Her body flushed with heat, her heart raced, and her wolf perked up as if she had sensed something. She turned to look at the back of the club where the private booths and rooms were located. A little voice was urging her to go there. Although there was no reason why. 

Those parts would be off-limits and she didn't want trouble. A weird pull Like that couldn't be good news. She turned back and sipped her drink.

"You don't seem to be enjoying yourself," a warm, seductive voice breathed in her ear. "How can I rectify the situation?"

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