Finding the mate

The girl turned to face him, and Rodney's sucked in his breath. He had been watching her from afar since she had walked up from the alley. Putting his plans in motion to separate her from her friends.

She was worth the effort, her olive complexion was flawless and the layers of thick shoulder-length hair framed a lovely heart-shaped face. Her amber eyes were intoxicating and beautiful, flecked with specks of brown.

'Howl' Had been a thriving nightclub downtown for years. It was nightlife frequented by many humans as well as supernaturals. Even the neighbouring packs often visited it. She was a wolf, but surprisingly, he had never seen her before. 

“Who are you?” the beauty asked, her eyes slightly widened with either surprise or fear, he wasn't sure what.

“Rodney White,” He introduced himself.

“Destiny, Parr, and what makes you think I have any problem which needs to be rectified?” She
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