Jake finds his mate but she is forbidden

The silence in the elevator was deafening. Destiny titled her head and looked at the man who was supposedly her mate. 

Mine. Her beast snarled. Mine.

No, he can't be our mate, he is an Alpha who is already engaged. You must be mistaken, she argued with her wolf.

“What is your name?” He asked her, his expression as hard as before.

“Destiny, Destiny Parr.” She replied. Her wolf's agitation had increased tenfold.

“That's an odd name,” he commented.

“Sorry, if my name is not up to your liking, I can do nothing about it.” She retorted.

And she is mouthy as well. He thought.

When Jake had reached 'Howl' he was talking to a few bouncers when he got the whiff of her scent. It was very faint as if she had just brushed past them. Curious, he had followed the trail and found her talking to Rodney, he instantly knew she was his. Irrespective of his cur
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