From enemies to friends

1 hour back in time -

"Damn whore," he said under his breath. "Take a look at her in those small shorts and that tight blouse, which emphasizes her slim figure. I'm curious as to how many men she fucked."

His gaze followed Grace, Destiny and the other woman as they walked to their car and unloaded their belongings.

"Take a look at all that stuff?" he muttered shaking his head sadly. "Wasteful. There's no need for all of that nonsense. And who the hell is with her? That's right, it's Grace's mother. So she also lied to me about her parent's passing."

As he stood there watching the three women go away, he cracked a terrible, twisted smile on his face. He must have had a lucky break because fate had smiled upon him. He hadn't intended to visit the flea market today, but there was a stall selling locally produced tomatoes that he couldn't resist. They were unquestionably the greatest in the county. After ten minutes of searching for a parking spot in the fron

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