Finding clues

After Eliza left, Destiny and Jake went to the police station to fill out the reports and answer questions, the same questions asked in different ways over and over again. The detective was a wolf that Jake knew in passing and had a good reputation with both the humans and wolves.

"Again Detective Clark, I didn't see the man who tampered with the brakes," Destiny said for the 100th time.

"And it wasn't a truck you'd seen before?" Detective Clark asked as Diego, a beta from Wolfgang shook his head. He was the sole eyewitness and was fed up with answering questions.

"I couldn't see the plate because it was covered with mud, as was most of the truck, and I'm not colour what colour it was either. It might have been white, silver-grey maybe grey. It might have been a GMC or a Chevy. And it did have those black-out windows."

"What did the driver do again?"

"Flicked a lighted cigarette out the window. The smell of gas was strong, and that had me wor

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