Chris's dilemma

While one of the wolves was content, the other was not.

Chris had not yet communicated with Roxy. Chris dialled Roxy's phone number with trembling hands, only to receive her voice mail. He did not leave a message though. He was desperate to get a glimpse of Roxy. It was just desperation... and with good reason. Mr Mac's homegrown tomatoes were sitting on the kitchen table, ready to be eaten. The flea market was the only place where you could get your hands on them.

He couldn't figure out why his father was constantly blabbering on about some accident that had never occurred. And how dissatisfied he was with the results.

"Can you tell me what you're talking about?" Chris inquired.

David muttered. "Someone tampered with the car brakes, of your sister's car."

"Oh! Is she found? How did you know if it ?" Chris inquired. He was intrigued as to how his father had come to know about it.

"I heard something about it at the flea market," D

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