All is well for now

"It's late; are you prepared to retire to your bed?" Destiny asked Jake.

"I'm not sleepy," he stated emphatically.

"You're probably too preoccupied with wearing a hole in the carpet to be sleepy. Please come to bed, my mate." She said patting the space next to hers.

"I'm just going to toss and turn. It's pointless for both of us to be awake all night." He grumbled and paced around the room.

"Who brought up the subject of sleeping?" she said, smiling deftly at him.

He came to a complete stop and turned to face her.

"Ahh... now we're getting somewhere."

He walked over to her and embraced her with his arms wrapped around her. Just thinking about losing her had turned his insides into a mess, and it was making his stomach hurt. The thought of trying to live his life without her filled him with dread.

"I don't want you to be concerned about me all the time," she whispered, clearl
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