The first bursts of hunger pangs hit Chris as he was driving through the town. He was supposed to meet a friend at the square, but he decided to stop for a bite to eat while he was in the area instead. There was nothing to eat at home. They were surviving on takeaways and the occasional frozen meal. He had considered learning to cook, but if his father had caught him doing what he considered to be 'woman's work,' he would have blown a gasket and thrown a fit. He was starting to get tired of fast food. He had not realized how good his mother's cooking was until now. He didn't want to admit it, but there was a lot they took for granted when it came to Mom. He wished there was some way for him to communicate with her.

But that was not an option unless he wanted to be dragged away from their territory in a body bag by his people. Jake would kill him.

He couldn't hold it against him. As a result of what he had done to Destiny and his mother... damn it, he was ashamed. And he

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