Things get over

Roxy's vision dimmed and her throat constricted as she heard a terrible snap. Chris's body rebounded off the hood and landed on the ground, his head thudding into the concrete. Blood streamed from a wound on his head and out of his nose and mouth, and his legs flopped at odd angles. The truck slammed a parked car as it skidded out of control, bending the fender towards the tyre. The truck tried to get out of the plaza at a considerably slower pace.

Roxy screamed at Destiny and dashed over to Chris. She sank to her knees slowly, her hands fluttering above his body, wanting but afraid to touch... dear god, there was so much blood and it was everywhere.

Jake and Sam arrived shortly after Roxy, with Destiny standing guard over her.

"It's...Dad..." Chris moaned, his face twisted with misery. "It's the same vehicle... it's camouflaged... I saw it... there's a barn out back..." His eyes rolled up in his head as he exclaimed.

"Damn it, you're paying attention to me

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I really enjoyed reading this book.
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When will there be an update? Loving the story so far

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