The end

Grace grasped her chest and dropped the stack of plates she had been holding. His heart was pierced with pain like a live wire. She sank to the ground, doubling over in anguish.

"Grace!" Before her head hit the floor, Arthur went up to her and grabbed her.

"What's the matter, Grace? Speak to me!" Arthur remarked.

She became conscious of what had just happened as she glanced at the ceiling.

"David...David is dead!" she exclaimed, a deadpan expression on her face.

"What? How did you figure that out?"

"I felt it," she struggled to find the right word, "we were still linked by the mate bond. I could feel it snap. My chest continues to pain." She clenched her fists over her chest.

Arthur's phone rang as though on cue. He answered the phone and then looked at Grace. 

"David is dead," he whispered.


Chris awoke in an unknown room as he opened his eyes. He was trying to sit up as he gazed around

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Marietta Leromain-Sousis
Awesome read! Perhaps you could write a sequel woth Sam and his young mate he's waiting on???
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Lori Ramsdell
Your book was a great read. I hope you write another book. Maybe one about Sam and his mate? perhaps including the same characters in the storyline and how their lives are going? Thanks for sharing your creativity!
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Good story, but like Cindy said could have gone deeper into other relationships like destiny and Arthur. Also there was one major hole. You never let Sam and his mate come together. Even an epilogue to tie up some loose ends would be a good plan. Also get an editor lol.
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