Chapter 5


One look at the man standing before me and I was wanting to scream Mate. Samantha was already screaming it in my head. Just when I had been ready to accept a chosen mate, I was now standing before my fated mate.

“What is your name?” The male asked, coming toward me like a predator.

“Taelin. Would you be so kind as to give me your name?” I asked, trying to contain my excitement.

“Ryker. Why did you come here? If protection is what you are seeking, I can offer it. However, you will be expected to carry your own weight and help where needed. I also need to know if you have been infected.”

Why was it that even his name made me buzz with excitement? When he continued talking, I just became annoyed though. Why was it that all men think I just needed protection? The ones needing protection were them.

Mate or not, my spine stiffened at his comment. I have read the file on this pack. They were small but tasked with finding the cure. They were all very skilled fighters as well, whi
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Katrina Trusan
I like the book so far
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LuAnn Anderson
It shows there are 25 chapters completed but I continue to get an error at the end of chapter 5 that prevents me from moving forward. How is this resolved?
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chandra bursik
this book has been frozen for 2 months....was is dropped

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