Chapter 6


I had to admit, she had a fire in her that was a bit refreshing. Not saying that all my pack members didn’t have a fire in them, but hers was different. It was like she always had to have her back up.

She was getting under my skin, and I didn’t like it. I wasn’t against female fighters, since we had a female member in the pack that could wipe the floor with the men. My problem was that I felt like she was going to be a distraction, which none of us could afford.

The way she responded to my Beta though, now that had been impressive. When he had commented on her looks, I had been ready to lay into him. Not that I knew why, I barely met the girl, and my loyalty was to my members.

“Hey! My name is Sara, I can show you where you will be staying. Don’t mind the men, they are just stunned with how beautiful you are.”

Just as I expected, my Gamma jumped in and was already trying to be besties with the girl. It didn’t surprise me considering she has been complaining about being the only
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A wolf story where they use weapons. Love it.
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I like the story but why dose it cost so much? 32 for a chapter and you only get what in a login? Even if I paid this would cost way to much.
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Sue Waymire
I’ve been looking forward to this story <3

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