Chapter 9


How stupid could I be? When I told her that my main priority is keeping my members safe, I hadn’t expected her to risk her life as she had. What is worse, I called her an idiot when she did.

I told Julian to stop, but he just reminded me that under no circumstances are we to put ourselves in danger if it can be helped. I had hoped that Taelin would be on the road waiting for us on our return, but she wasn’t. We even looked around the area but didn’t find any of the rogues or Taelin.

I couldn’t believe she had gone and got herself killed not even a few hours after arriving. We picked up the supplies and made our way back without any issues. I couldn’t get Taelin out of my head though.

“Ryker, you need to let it go. There is nothing that can be done now. She was hot, but obviously not cut out for this job. It is time we contacted the Alpha King and explained what is going on.” My Beta said, pulling me from my thoughts.

“It can wait until tomorrow. Right now, we need to get everyt
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So far so good my interest is definitely piqued
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Karina Vazquez
I do not get why they couldn’t use her rental car when they went for provisions and how did they make it back before her?

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