Chapter 84


“How are you feeling?” Ryker asked after I finally moved into the seat next to him.

I would have stayed on his lap for the entire journey, but I had become slightly uncomfortable from being cramped in a vehicle for so long. It was now nighttime, but we chose to continue driving. The further we got, the faster we could arrive at the palace.

“Other than needing a shower and a little sleep, I feel good.” As I spoke, I leaned against him, using his shoulder as a pillow.

“Is there a safe place we can pull over for the night?” Ryker asked Frank, who was now driving.

“There is no need. Really, I am fine. I can sleep here.” I attempted to argue, knowing that the more we stayed on the road, the faster we would arrive at our destination.

“There is a safe house not far from here.” Frank answered, completely ignoring me.

Sitting up, I tried to wipe the sleepiness out of my eyes. It was more than likely from the stress of the day and now that I could feel every werewolf. It wasn’t too bad,
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