Chapter 85: The Challenger


In the last few days, we have only had a few run-ins with rogues. There hadn’t been many, so we were able to cure them and relocate them to the nearest safe house. I also felt much better, and my mind was more clear than it had been.

It helped that I managed to do a little meditation. Which, I have also learned that I would more than likely need to continue a daily meditation when able. It not only allowed me to focus and ground myself to what I needed, but I was able to learn to control the intensity of feeling everything I did.

It wasn’t perfect and sometimes it could be a little overwhelming, but I managed to get it under control. It helped that Ryker stayed near me. It was like he could sense when I was uneasy. His touch helped calm my mind as well, although I was fairly sure it was because of the mate bond.

I also had plenty of time to think and get a grip on things. A few days of mostly silence and more than enough time to think did help a lot. I started to come under th
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