Chapter 88: Turning Tables


I had been watching the timer and neither had moved for seven minutes. Taelin looked regal in her stance, like she was completely in her element. The Beta had seemed unwavering, until just moments before he made the first move.

At first, I thought something was wrong because they both stood out on the field without moving for a long time. The second the Beta made the first move, I held my breath and waited to see what would happen. It wasn’t that I didn’t support my mate in this, but the fear was still there.

“About time.” I heard someone say sarcastically from behind me.

Without looking, I felt Ryan turn around, more than likely to make a comment to whoever spoke. Reaching my hand out, I placed it on his arm firmly. This was Taelin’s fight and there was no point in anyone trying to talk others out of what they were feeling.

“Don’t. Words won’t do any good. Let Taelin show everyone what she is capable of.” I spoke, without taking my eyes off my mate.

Ryan sighed and faced forwa
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My heart is beating like I’m with them in the fight. I like your detailed description.

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