Chapter 89: Respect Earned


When the start of the battle commenced again, I took a deep breath. I might have lied about my lung, but I wasn’t entirely sure. All I knew was I was still capable of fighting, even if I felt like all the air inside of me was being sucked out and my lungs felt like they were on fire.

What I told Ryker was true, however, I wasn’t going to last another ten minutes. I either needed to end this now or let him take me out. I had been playing it safe as much as possible. His movements were fast and just one hit from him was enough to knock me on my ass.

Running around and dodging him wasn’t doing me any good because every breath I took was painful. The more I tried to get away from him, the more likely I would get injured. Regardless of if I was working with less lung capacity or if I was just winded, I knew it would be a matter of time before I passed out from the exertion.

I had felt that the Beta had tried to speak to me telepathically, but I still had my mind blocked from anyone
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