Chapter 90: Epilogue part one


“What are you thinking about?” Ryker whispered in my ear as he wrapped his arms around me from behind, while I looked over the balcony from our room.

From this view, I could look over the town where the Palace resided. There wasn’t much, other than a few houses where the staff of the palace lived. Everyone that lived inside the Palace were warriors and those training to become warriors.

I never thought much about the life that everyone that lived here had until I came here, not as a sixteen-year-old girl training to join the Royal Guard, but as the current Alpha King. It was still weird that I was referred to as an Alpha King. I was the first female to take on the role as Alpha, but I felt like the title should remain as it has always been.

Placing my hands on his arms, which were embracing my shoulders, I leaned against his broad chest. “I was just thinking back to when I first came here. I still can’t believe that it has been more than five years since I showed up here with
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Karina Vazquez
She should have changed her title to alpha queen and what is that about her mate becoming beta. A queen mate is king by her side. Just saying…

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