Chapter 4

Daniel’s POV


I couldn’t express my happiness when I lifted my gaze from the floor and felt a rush of emotion swirl straight to my heart as my mate made her way down the aisle all dressed up in a pretty white wedding gown. The wedding gown they had chosen for her was perfect for her figure, it left me wondering whether they had already planned this all incident or they had planned her marriage to someone else who was not me.

I felt instant rage at that thought.

‘Okay, fine! Don’t spoil our mood by thinking all those stupid thoughts.’, My wolf suggested. “Our mate looks so beautiful in her wedding gown.’, He added and I couldn’t help myself from agreeing with him.

I tried to hide any more emotions from my face as Evangeline reached near me.

‘Her name is too long. How about we call her ‘Angel’?’,

‘Not bad. I liked it.’

‘Our mate, Our angel’, He said and the whole time my eyes were on her. Her hands on her father shook and her eyes were on the ground. Not once did she look my way. Well, what else could I expect from a bride who was blackmailed to marry?

Her father didn’t look happy as he let go of her hands so that she could stand opposite to me. Neither her step-mother. Talking about my family, even they didn’t look happy at all.


Because half of them had thought that I was getting married to a weak human just for the sake of pack. While others were feeling sorry for my mate because they knew what kind of person I was!

 Angel? On the other hand, I couldn’t figure out what she was thinking or feeling and she was the one I actually wanted to know about.

Did any part of her want this wedding to happen?

And should it matter to me?

“Please hold her hands.”, The father ordered. Angel forwarded her hands toward me and I didn’t waste any single second to hold it. The spark ran all around my body when her small warm hand clasped around mine.

I knew even she could feel the same but just because I was an Alpha, the feeling was ten times stronger than any human.

As the ceremony started, my wolf started dancing in joy because this time he was ready for the wedding unlike yesterday, he was actually happy today.

“I do”

“I do”

And with those two words I finally got my mate, my mate as my wife now..

It sounds so good.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride!”

My body was excited and felt over the moon after hearing this.

Kiss the bride!

I want to kiss her senselessly but observing her discomfort. I was not sure whether it was a good idea or not. She wasn’t looking directly at me as if she was avoiding my eyes for some reason.

I hated that.

I wanted her to look at me just like I was looking at her. My eyes fell on her pretty pink lips and I had a deep urge to claim it as soon as possible. I lifted her veil and lifted her chin to make her look at me but she had already closed her eyes.

Nope! This is not happening!

If I am going to kiss her then she must look into my eyes.

“Open your eyes, Evangeline.”

Her entire body went still at my demand and slowly she opened her blue eyes, deep and clear as the ocean. And just like the ocean, her eyes were silent as well as dangerous at the same time.

Without further warning, I gripped her waist with the other hand and crashed my lips to her. I could feel that she was not prepared for it, that’s why I quickly pulled away from her. Also, my other reason to pull away from her was that I didn’t want anyone to feel that I was into her since the very first day and she was my mate.

“You may mark your Luna, Alpha Daniel.”, I heard the father saying at which the excitement level of my wolf increased and my pack members howled in happiness. But the excitement of my wolf died when we both smelt fear, fear of our mate.

By looking at her, anyone could tell that she was standing confidently without any fear but truth was far away from reality. I clenched my jaw, angry that the first thing I thought about was stopping her discomfort and fear.

‘I want to mark her at this very moment but….we have to give her some time.’

‘I was going to say the same.’, I said and we nodded together in an understanding way. After all, our mate had faced a lot of things in one single day.

“I am not going to mark her.”, I announced, making everyone silent. ‘At least, not now.’ I wanted to add that but my big ego didn’t let me say that. “Get all your belongings from your room. We will be leaving for our home in half an hour.”, I said to her with a poker face on which my wolf was scolding me.

‘You could have said those words with love.’



The time of half an hour was about to end and at that moment I realized that something was wrong. Angel’s scent wasn’t as strong as it was half an hour ago. But that couldn’t be right, she couldn’t have run away from here just after our marriage.

Even my wolf started getting restless.

“Daniel, I wanted to talk about your bride. Why did you..”, My Aunt stopped asking me that question when she observed my expression. “What happened, son?”

“I’m not sure.”, I answered as both me and my wolf were trying to focus on her scent. “By the way, you were saying something, Aunt?”

“Was it necessary to marry a human?”

“Yes it was for…our family reputation.”, I answered her. I couldn feel she wanted to ask some more questions but I was already on my way to her room, looking for her. The last thing I remembered, I had asked her to collect her things from her room. My heart was racing as I climbed the steps two at a time. The closer I got, the more worried I became. If she was in there, I should be able to hear her or atleast her scent would hit me a lot stronger than before. None of that was happening.

I slammed the door open in a rush and scanned the room.

‘You could have opened the door calmly. Now observing your anger and behavior, everyone will get to know that our angel is not here.’, My wolf tried to calm my anger.


“Evangeline?”, I called her name and stormed into the washroom when I didn’t hear her answer my call. I looked around and found a rope, made up of curtains and bed sheets thrown out of the window. I checked that the rope was almost touching the ground.

Immediately the understanding and calm wolf was long gone, he started fuming in anger just like me. My fist tightened at my sides and I held back on punching the wall.

‘She shouldn’t have run away from us.’, He muttered in anger and I didn’t waste a single second jumping from her window. I sniffed in the air and realized in which direction our mate had left.

‘Bad move, angel’, I smirked before morphing into the big silver wolf and running in the direction of our mate, following her scent.



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