Chapter 8

Evangeline’s POV


It was still 4 in the morning so I was thinking about taking a small nap. After all, I had a very long day. But I couldn’t sleep in my wedding gown for sure and I clearly remembered that I didn’t take anything with me after our wedding because Mr. Arrogant dragged me from there.

“Are you planning to stay in the washroom all your life?”, I heard his voice from the other side of the door.

“Yes, It’s better than staying with you.”, I replied in the same sarcastic tone and after that I didn't hear anything from him again.

After staying for one more minute, I stepped out of the washroom, only to find him half naked. My eyes widened, seeing his body revealing the sexiest manly chest I’d ever seen on any man before. I hated to adm

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Anna Ortat
I'm deleting your book. its not affordable. good read but the chapters are too short for the cost.
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Debi Aucoin
Just found this book it is great so far.
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Jyotika Mewara
awesome part

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