Chapter 11

Evangeline’s POV


I didn’t know why I picked the fight with him again. I was cursing my big mouth. Everything was fine between us one moment and the second moment, we both ruined it. I stayed in our room, checking each and everything in it.

After a few hours, the door of the room opened softly and a lady softly asked my permission to come in. She had a beautiful gown in her hand and all the matching accessories in her hand. She gave a polite smile before leaving the room.

Once she left, I checked all the things which she had brought. I was surprised that the gown was of my size. It seemed like Daniel had already asked about my size from my stepmother. Not to mention, even matching lingeries was there with the gown.


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Susan H
Why is she always talking back to him? It fine at first but it's starting to get annoying.
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I like this story
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Milex Suarez

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