Chapter 71

Aleena’s POV


I tried to mind link Stephen again, but I couldn’t. Why was that?

He had asked me to wear this, but he hadn’t mentioned the time. I meant, when was he planning to take me with him?

I was feeling tired, so should I rest for a while or get ready immediately? I tried to mind link Paige as well, but I couldn’t.

That reminded me that I had now taken the position of Alpha in Fire Cross Pack, which was another pack. If one wouldn’t break the link with his or her previous pack, then the link automatically gets a break after twelve hours.

That was why I was not able to connect with Stephen first, not Paige.

‘I started missing his voice in our mind already.’, Leia whined as if I was enjoying this news.

‘Then why don’t you complete the mark and mate with him?’, She asked, on which I ignored her.

“Paige?” I yelled, hoping she to listen to it after she was a werewolf. “Can you please come to my room?” I added and sat on the bed. After a while, she walked with a smile on her face.

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