Chapter 74

Aleena’s POV


Immediately something struck my head. Eva could time travel, right? She had the power to do that. Then could she send me to the past? On the night when dad had died?

‘Eva, Can you send me to the past by using your power?’ I asked my sister through the mind link, which where was connected because of blood.

‘Yes! I can do that. But what happened? Why …. Hold on, you want to meet dad, don’t you?’

‘Yes! I… I never got a chance to say three things to him ‘sorry, thank you, and I love you. And I will have to stay my whole life with this guilt. So, can you please, please help me?’

‘Let me inform my mate before disappearing all of a sudden. He would go insane.’, She said, not denying my request.

‘Are we leaving now?’

‘Yes.’, She closed the mind-link after saying that. Now that she had to inform her mate. I thought to inform mine, but something came across my mind, and I didn’t.

‘Let’s see how he will react when I disappear all of a sudden.’

‘What the hell. You’re thinking of to
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